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Media Management

We manage your media investment and your media agency.

We take care of strategic and tactical media plans that are aligned with your brand strategy and objectives.

We negotiate with agency and media owners to get the best value for your budget.

Connection Planning

We bring together business, marketing and creative strategies into a connection plan. See this SlideShare for an example.

We act as your partner and help choose, prioritise and integrate the touch points where consumers meet with your brands.

The aim is to create a common ground upon which all your agencies can base their executional plans. This eliminates superfluous agency work and production. It drives consistency in your marketing communications. It enhances cooperation amongst agencies and departments.
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ReachApp is a pocket media strategy tool.

With ReachApp you always have the potential impact of your campaigns with you.

The tool gives the total reach and overlap of any combination of media and other channels.

For more information have a look at the site. Or drop me a note.

Get it in the App Store.
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Comms With A Plan is run by Constantijn Baarendse, marketing communication specialist with more than 20 years of offline and online media experience. On agency as well as advertiser side.

He has worked for industry leaders like Dentsu (Hong Kong and China) and The Coca-Cola Company (North-West Europe).
He also owns ReachApp.

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